Several years ago we wrote a software program that allowed folks to update and record their personal information into one easy to use place…sound like a commercial? Anyway, one of the companies we worked with wanted a specific section of the software to contain a “bucket list”. Those not familiar with the term, this is a list of things you want to accomplish before you die. The list can contain a variety of things to accomplish from the simple to the profound. The key to the bucket list is to actually record them and then pursue them with all your might and then check them off as you go.

Now I will be honest, I like the part of the bucket list process that challenges me to think about what I want to accomplish…to think big and outside the box. I like the fact that studies have shown that when you write something down and are constantly reminded of it, your chances of completing the task or goal goes way up! What I don’t like is the finality that says “before you die”…sorry, not a fan.

The reality however is all of us have a finite time to experience life, some more than others. The other reality is when we measure our progress and our goals, our business or work has finite measuring points too. My yardstick of success measures a calendar year of events from January to December. Some organizations measure fiscal years. The point is to be a sustained, successful entity, you must have a measuring point where something comes to an end and something else begins.

So with that said, as your fiscal year or even this calendar year of 2015 ends, if you have not done so, it is not too late to start an attainable bucket list of goals you want to accomplish before 2015 dies and 2016 is born. A lot of the sales organizations I have worked with implement year-end sales contests to really drive production up for the end of the year. Many agents would prepare for this “bucket-list” event well in advance to take full advantage of the opportunity.

What about you? What things will you commit to that merit a place in your 2015 bucket list? Remember, these are well thought out, desirable and attainable goals you will strive to accomplish to the best of your ability. It’s an all-out effort, no excuses kind of approach.

Here is an idea for you. It’s August now. There are five months left to complete your bucket list activities. Think about what you REALLY want to see at the end of the year regarding your livelihood. Please do not be flippant with your goals…aim high, but seek attainable ones too. Once decided, pursue them like your business life depended on achieving them.

If your pursuit is genuine, I would submit to you at the end of the year, you will experience a great sense of accomplishment and most assuredly, already be geared up to set your bucket list for 2016. Building your list with a defined purpose in mind creates unlimited opportunities to be as productive as possible. I hope you see such great success that year after year you find yourself needing a larger bucket!

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