Let’s start with a definition. Rut: a uninspired routine or pattern of behavior. Not too long ago, I noticed something that I was not proud of.  I was getting in a rut. You know, letting the hot summer days get the best of me.  I had been prospecting as usual but I was not getting the results I wanted. I was hearing things like “everyone is on vacation” etc. and before long, mentally I was on vacation too.

Fortunately, I making every attempt to practice what I preach, quickly took notice of this dilemma and before this old “rut” had a good grip on me. I began doing other productive things to help me prospect smarter as well as developed more services for different industries.  Rather than just sit by and wait for this  uninspired behavior to pass, I learned from and and moved on! Let’s be real honest here, a rut can ruin you.  They can be very damaging in that before long, you develop habits from them that can take a monumental amount of time to recover from.  So here comes the good stuff. When you feel a rut coming on or whether your in one now, here are four principles to start focusing on NOW!  Ready…

1. Learn from the past! Good or bad, take great mental notes of experiences to make the most of the present. Don’t beat yourself up over bad decisions or dwell constantly on great ones. Move on with the lessons learned and put them into motion to develop your most productive life. Principle One: Learn from the past!

2. Live now! Seriously, take in every moment. I know it is cliche but it’s true. Time flies by. Take advantage of every God-given moment. Enjoy now, right now. Be thankful for something or someone. I was with a good friend of mine at a local grocery store when to his surprise, his wife and son came in the door.  The son noticed his dad and immediately ran to him with great excitement. He was so glad to see him.  The dad was pretty fired up too.  I looked at my friend and said “that’s living in the moment”.  You see at that moment, nothing else really mattered did it! Don’t miss the moments… just live them! Principle Two: Live Now!
3. Work today: Do something productive today. Do not wait for something to fall in your lap. If you have scheduled this day to work, to produce, to grow your business, DO IT. Put the work in. You have been given the opportunity so today, this day put the work in to enjoy the rewards later. Principle Three: Work Today!

4. Plan tomorrow: Have a dream. What do you want? What does success look like for you down the road? See it and plan it. There is a huge difference in the mindset, the attitude and the performance of individuals who have a goal and those who are just living life based on what “hits” them. I don’t know about you but after a while, I’d be tired of getting hit! None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. That’s why we live now and work today. But my plan is that if my tomorrow comes, I want to be ready for it. Principle Four: Plan tomorrow!

There you go. Learn from the past, live now, this moment, don’t lose it. Next, work today, be productive in some way today and lastly, plan for tomorrow, do not let life catch you off guard. These four simple principles have helped me many times avoid the ruts…I am confident they will do the same for you.

Stay productive!