Business Essentials

Business Essentials is a video series dedicated to providing the basic business 101 essentials to terms, concepts and applications to the world of commerce. This course will give you the foundational tools you need to understand the terms and types of businesses; The roles and functions of a successful enterprise; and how to efficiently operate, market and deliver daily what your business is about. If you are passionate about business but are lacking knowledge or experience, this course is a must!

What Students Are Saying

Business Essentials is one of the most highly selected elective online graduate courses for business fundamentals in the e-learning catalog at Texas Tech University. See what the students who have taken the class are saying…

“This is by far the most well organized online class I’ve taken so far.”

“The way the course is structured and broken down is extremely helpful. It’s my favorite class this semester.”

“Day by day this class is helping me learn more and I am able to apply that into my workplace.”

“I am getting new knowledge of Business, how to initiate them and what are factors influencing them. This is most helpful for me when I start up a business in the future.”

“The breakdown of the core concepts is working well for me.”


Business Essentials is designed to provide you with a strong foundation by introducing basic terms, concepts and applications into the world of business. This four module course, with 44 video sessions, provides the following:

  • Introduction into business past and present
  • Identifying the types of business entities and how they are formed
  • Basic business tools and resources
  • The roles and responsibilities within a business entity
  • The theories of business entity operation
  • Identifying management and leadership skills for success
  • Business in action: Basic fundamentals on marketing and delivering products and services in the most effective methods.
  • Specific examples and case studies of actual events are provided to demonstrate how all the information provided in the course brings value to the business entity.

Module One: Introduction to Business Essentials:

What are the essentials to business? What are the tools and resources you will need for success? This module with 7 video sessions will introduce the basic essentials starting with an overview of business. We will define it and provide a brief discussion of how business has evolved and continues to evolve. We will introduce basic terms that will be used throughout the course and will conclude with an introduction to the various tools and resources available to help you identify how business entities utilize them to bring value to their enterprise.

Welcome to the World of Business

Introducing the Essentials

The Ever-Evolving World of Business

The Essential Terms You Need to Know

The Tools and Resources to Start and Sustain a Successful Business

The Tools for Your Toolbox

The Essential Resources

Module Two: Business Characteristics

This module with 9 video sessions will introduce the basic characteristics and components to business starting with an overview of the types of business entities and how they are formed. We will then discuss the various roles and functions (I.e. Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, etc.) within a business entity and how each brings value to the entity. We will introduce the concept of entrepreneurship and how this type of entity has a unique place in the business marketplace. We will conclude this unit with an introduction and specific examples of business theories as they apply to the operation of an enterprise.

The DNA of Business: The Characteristics from the Ground Up

Introducing the Three Common Structures of Business Entities

The Three Forms of Business and How they Operate

The Essential Elements to a Successful Business: Roles and Functions

The Roles and Functions of Business

Set Sail on the Entrepreneurship: An Introduction to “Doing your own thing”

Entrepreneurship Defined: What You Need to Know Before You Start

The DNA Elements of Entrepreneurship

The Irreplaceable Value Entrepreneurship Brings to Business

Module Three: Business Management and Leadership.

The direction and the destination of the entity starts at the top. This module introduces the definition of a leader and a manager, the differences in leadership and management, the basic roles, and responsibilities within an organization of management and leadership as they pertain to finances, people, and results. This module will also introduce the importance of ethics in a business and how all these factors working together bring value to the entity.

Introduction to Leading and Managing a Business

The Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders and Managers

Understanding the Differences and Commonalities of Leaders and Managers

The Reason Behind the Business: Introduction to the Theory of Business

The Value of a Great Leader and Manager to a Business

Introduction to Leading and Managing Your Finances

The Essential Financial Terms

Understanding Basic Financial Statements

“I Want to Be On Your Team!” The Art of Leading and Managing People and Teams

Team Defined: The Common Purpose of Uniqueness

Punch Your Ticket to Three Great Team Performances

What Matters Most: Hitting the Bullseye on Your Team Target

The Essentials of Doing Things Right: An Introduction to Ethics

The Definition and Principles of Adherence to Ethics

Applications and Examples of Leading and Managing Ethics

Winners Keep Score: An Introduction To Setting Goals and Managing Results

Terms, Concepts and Techniques to Successful Goal Setting

The Factors and the Value of Goal Setting Success

Module Four: Marketing and Sales

This module provides a basic overview of how to effectively market and delivery products and services of the business entity through the sales process. An introduction to the term marketing and how to identify markets, trends and competition will be discussed. The module provides an introduction into sales and how an entity delivers its products and services through basic customer service and great relationship building techniques. Finally, the module identifies how marketing and sales brings value to the business entity.

Delivering Your Message: An Introduction to Marketing and Sales

Marketing Defined

The Power of a Positive Brand

The Essentials Elements of Marketing: Research and Channels

The Third Element of Marketing: Strategy

The “Priceless Commodity” The Value of Effective Marketing

Welcome to Sales: Introducing the Right Way to Selling

The Three “R’s” to Successful Selling

Solidifying Your Selling Efforts Thru a Great Customer Experience

Business Essentials Summary