Take your company to new heights with dynamic on location training!

Each of the training programs described below can help you take your company to the next level. These training programs are customized to you, your organization, and your industry to provide a positive impact to your specific workplace. I strongly believe people gain more value by being involved in a class rather than being lectured to. I further believe concepts “stick” when presented with personal experiences and stories rather than bullet points. I strive to be sensitive to each unique audiences’ participation level and make every effort to keep the sessions interesting and on schedule.

The fundamentals to building a great foundation never change. This series provides your enterprise with three core fundamentals and effective concepts and systems to utilize them to achieve immediate benefits in your workplace.

Session Topics

  • Culture
  • Service
  • Networking
  • The C.L.I.E.N.T. Promotion System
  • ONE UP: Your Competitive Edge

Do you work with others? Are you responsible for performance measures…yours and others? This training series is specifically designed to help you understand the uniqueness of your team members and how to effectively “mesh” talents and attitudes together to create something extraordinary year after year! Status quo is no longer an option.

Session Topics

  • The Extraordinary Team Dynamic
  • Know Your Teammates
  • Keys to Empowering the Team
  • Common Purpose: The Team Dynamic Target
  • The IOPT Profile Assessment
  • The World of Aero Space

Leaders and entrepreneurs evolve through unique circumstances. Regardless of arrival, how you develop and manage what you do will determine how far you will go. This series is dedicated to the individual that has stepped up in a new position or stepped out into a new opportunity. Proven tools to help you, your business and your staff thrive under any condition.

Session Topics

  • The Quest for the “Real Deal” Leader
  • Supervising for Ultimate Performance
  • The High “Time Worth” Enterprise
  • Running in High V: The Vitals to a Thriving Enterprise
  • The Catchy Message of the Highly Contagious Organization
  • Strategic Planning Initiatives
  • Unleash Your Entrepreneur Factor

The profession of sales is a world all its own. It takes a special approach and passion to sustain a successful sales practice. This series takes you on a journey from the ground up. From the first sale of your unconditional belief in what you do, to the five basic components of turning a seeker into a customer or client, you will be well equipped to master your craft!

Session Topics

  • Sell the Passion: The “Tangible” Evidence of Your Business
  • The Prospect to Customer Selling System
  • The EDGE Academy
  • Wake Up and Dream

It’s time to fire up the troops. These keynote topics are designed to motivate and energize you and your organization to reach for and achieve great things. You will learn the one unchanging value to great business development that has stood the test of time and discover the secrets to loving what you do for a living, even when you may not be doing what you love.

Keynote Topics

  • Things Change… Things Never Change
  • My Passion, My Profession:
  • Just Five Little Things

With over 37 years of experience developing teams and companies, Tim has created impactful online training tools to help you become as productive and efficient in your workplace. Check out the video training series here.