The Prospect to Customer Selling System - Bank Edition

Banking is in constant change. No longer can you sit idly by and be successful on what walks in the door. Competition has compelled successful bankers to take their message to the street. However, not having a proven system to take your message to your marketplace can do more harm than good. This video series provides a proven track record of selling success based on over 35 years of experience. You will be given the key tools of turning thinkers (prospects) into do-ers (loyal customers), and how to leverage those positive experiences into great referrals to do it all again!

One: Introduction

Welcome to the world of selling. This video will introduce you to the unique world of selling and sets the stage for your success with an overview of the fundamentals.

Two: Perception

The first key to selling successfully is to take a look at your perception of the selling process and align it with the reality of what it really is and what it can do for your bank.

Three: The Decision

There are specific customer types and specific buying signs that are present at every encounter. Learn how to identify them as well as the steps of decision making and how to influence each in your favor.

Four: Expectations

The most important thing you can have in your possession when you walk out the door are great expectations for success. Discover how to find your personal expectations and how they influence your prospecting efforts…Aim high!

Five: System Introduction

Take an in-depth look at the Prospect to Customer Selling System. Learn the definition of prospecting and the specific applications of the system that provide all the tools necessary to transition prospects into customers.

Six: Your Story

One of the most important pieces of the entire system is developing your bank’s unique story. You will learn how to create your compelling story that will have your prospects coming in your bank to learn more!

Seven: Maximizing Your Prospecting PT 1

This two part session begins the process of identifying what your “customer” look like and the best places to find them. Maximize your efforts by prospecting in the right markets.

Eight: Maximizing Your Prospecting PT 2

Part two of Maximizing Your Prospecting Effort focuses on helping you prepare for success by discovering the right time and best approach to gaining an audience with your prospect. In person, by phone or introductory letter; discover what works best for you.

Nine: The Keys to Effective Prospecting

This two part session begins the process of identifying what your “customer” look like and the best places to find them. Maximize your efforts by prospecting in the right markets.

Ten: The Components

There are five key components to successfully turning a prospect into a loyal customer. This session introduces these components and their importance to the process. From the contact to the close, you will be well equipped to generate great business development activity.

Eleven: Scripts - The Approach

This session introduces the scripts to the specific components of the prospect to customer process, but more importantly how to customize each of them to fit your conversational style. Stay in control from beginning to end by utilizing these proven communication techniques.

Twelve: Scripts - The Gatekeeper & Referral

Customization of specific scripts continues with templates on how to effectively communicate with the gatekeeper. Make them an ally not an enemy. The session concludes with a proven approach and script template to contacting a referred lead.

Thirteen: Presentation & Recommendation

Perhaps the most pivotal piece of the process…the presentation and recommendation, a chance to learn about your prospect and share your bank’s unique story. This session shows how to effectively identify business opportunities and present a compelling reason for your prospect to move forward. Earn the right to say “I recommend.”

Fourteen: The Close

This session breaks down the specifics of how to ask the prospect to take action to become a customer and how to properly address any objections that may arise. Discover the value to establishing a game plan and a timeline to complete the process.

Fifteen: The Referral & the 6 "Rs" to Selling

The final piece of the Prospect to Customer Selling System is how to identify and ask for referrals. Find the best sources to gain favorable introductions. The session concludes with the six “R’s” to Selling Success. The key is to REMEMBER them!

Sixteen: Managing your Activity

The series wraps up with a session on the importance of managing your activity and the benefits of being accountable to the process. Winners keep score. This session provides tips and tools to help manage your prospecting and selling efforts to know where you are regarding your goals at any specific moment in time!